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About the St. Croix Corridor 

There are three sub-regions in the St. Croix boundary system:


Chiputneticook Lakes 

(North, East Grand, Mud, Spednic and Palfrey), which have outstanding sport fishery resources, forested shorelands, backcountry recreational resources and wildlife habitat. 


River Mainstem

Recognized as one of the most unspoiled recreational river corridors in the Northeast, this river is highly valued by canoeists, fishermen and naturalists.



Where 25 ft/7.5 m tides rise along the shores of historic port communities and St. Croix Island, where in 1604 French explorers established the first permanent New World colony north of Florida.


The natural, historical and cultural resources of the Waterway continue to support the economy of the St. Croix region and the lifestyle of its residents. The trans-boundary management plan developed for the Waterway in accordance with the New Brunswick/Maine Memorandum and legislation establishes twenty-two international policies for the long-term management of the St. Croix's heritage resources.


These policies stress heritage recognition, fair resource sharing, local partnerships, proactive planning, resource protection and compatible development within an integrated, on-going management process. Since 1990, government and local interests have taken voluntary action to implement this management plan.

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