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Are the campgrounds open during the off season?

Spednic Lake, Scott Brook, and Gravel Island campgrounds are open to first come first serve camping during the off season (before May long-weekend, and after labour day weekend). Please remember to clean up, respect all current fire restrictions, and practice Leave No Trace principles.

Note that road access to these campgrounds during the winter and "mud season" may be restricted or not accessible. Please call for any questions pertaining to seasonal access.

Can I camp on both sides of the river?

For the entirety of your trip you must only land on the side you put in on. There are no exceptions to this rule. For more information about one-country camping and boundary waters boating, please contact either US Customs and Border Protection or the Canadian Border Services Agency. 

What are the best water levels for canoeing?

We recommend that you monitor the USGS Vanceboro gauge prior to your trip. For canoeing the upper river, our opinion is that levels between 500-900 CFS are ideal paddling conditions. Flows below 400 CFS may require some dragging and portaging at Little Falls/Canoose Ledges. Flows above 1400 CFS can create large standing waves in some spots. While the St. Croix is known as a beginner friendly canoe trip, we see incidents every year where people pin, flip, lose equipment, and wreck canoes. Only you are responsible for your safety, comfort, and experience. For first time paddlers, we strongly recommend hiring a registered guide/outfitter. 

When should I go?

The St. Croix is most often paddled during the summer and early fall. For those seeking a quiet experience, we recommend mid-week excursions during the spring and fall.  Holiday weekends tend to attract crowds, and the river can certainly get busy during Victoria day weekend, Memorial day weekend, Canada day weekend, Independence day weekend, and Labour day weekend.

Mud season access

Please note that gravel roads leading to access points on the Maine side of the river can be seasonally gated during mud season. Roads to Little Falls and Loon Bay are usually closed during April and May, and are normally opened by Memorial day weekend. Please call us for more information on mud season road closures.

In New Brunswick roads generally do not close during mud season, however these roads can be in very rough shape and we do not recommend driving them until they are graded (usually by Victoria day weekend). Please do your part and avoid travelling on these roads until things dry out a bit!

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