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Who We Are

  The St. Croix International Waterway Commission is a registered non-profit organization that is guided by its appointed Commissioners, two Federal Observers, and two Government Liaisons, with day to day operations conducted by the Executive Director. Seasonal staff is hired from April-October to perform duties associated with the environmental science field work and recreational program. 

 The SCIWC was established through a Memorandum of Understanding (1986) and Legislative Acts (1987) by the State of Maine and the Province of New Brunswick. The Memorandum of Understanding which extends the full length of the St. Croix boundary waters, from their origin at the source in Monument Brook in Aroostook and York Counties to their confluence (185km/110mi distance) with the Passamaquoddy Bay in Washington and Charlotte Counties. Also encompassing 250ft./ 75m corridor of adjacent shore lands in both Maine and New Brunswick. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

The St Croix International Waterway Commission is an international, non-profit partnership dedicated to protecting the beautiful St Croix Heritage River System. As a partnership between the province of New Brunswick and the State of Maine, our goal is to provide resources and education, investing the public in the shared waterway. We simultaneously work to monitor natural habitats while maintaining a variety of recreational opportunities.

We envision an organization that is dedicated to the conservation and rehabilitation of the St Croix River. Using all available resources, we hope to ensure the integrity of the river, investing in public, cultural and ecological survivorship of the designed Canada Heritage River System. We hope to provide sustainable recreational opportunities while maintaining a healthy and diverse ecosystem.

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