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Our Management Plan 

 This Plan was developed by the St. Croix International Waterway Commission, as directed by the Province of New Brunswick and the State of Maine. Its purpose is to jointly manage the shared heritage resources along the common border defined by the St. Croix River system.


 The plan established international goals and policies for management that preserve the heritage, environment, and economy of the region. It also recommended actions on how these policies could be implemented. It has been in place since 1993.


Click the icon bellow to view the current management plan drafted in October of 1993

Waterway Commission Goals and Policies

Goals and Policies

 The Plan sets out management goals and policies in the following areas:

  • International Heritage Waterway

  • Environmental Setting

  • Human Heritage

  • Natural Heritage

  • Recreational Heritage

  • Economic Development

  • Waterway Management 


 The plan was adopted in 1993 and the SCIWC has been working diligently toward these goals ever since. In 2014, we released a Management Plan Progress Report and interactive timeline, in anticipation of our project to update the plan to reflect current and future needs. 

Click the icon bellow to view the 2014 management plan progress report. 

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