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Our Campsites



Campsite along the St Croix River

The SCIWC maintains campsites on both the Maine and New Brunswick shorelines. It's important to note that you need to stay in one country or another during your trip; please see planning your trip for more information. The sites below include NB or ME to indicate the country in which they are located.

Backcountry camping at its finest along the St. Croix River. (photo by B. Richardson 2012)

The Lakes
Boat launches are located at: 
North Lake
(NB) Fosterville
East Grand Lake: 
(NB) Forest City
(ME) Sunset Park, Peter's Cove, Davenport Cove, Greenland Point
Spednic Lake:
(NB) Spednic Lake Rd, Spednic Lake Provincial Park, St. Croix
(ME) Forest City Landing, Castle Road, Vanceboro

There are backcountry campsites throughout the lakes, including those listed below. 
East Grand Lake: 
(NB) Blueberry Point, The Gorge, Hayes Point, Red Bank, Patterson Cove
(ME) Norway Point
Spednic Lake: 
(NB) Hinkley Point, The Ledges, Todd Island, Big Island, The Narrows, Upper Palfrey Neck, Indian Point
(ME) Spruce Mountain Cove, Squatter's Point, The Narrows 
Spednic Lake Park (NB)
The SCIWC operates and maintains Spednic Lake Provincial Park from Victoria Day weekend to Labour Day weekend. Find more information about sites, availability and rates in our Reservations section.

The Upper St. Croix River
running the rips on the St Croix River
Boat launches are located at: 
(NB) St. Croix, Loon Bay
(ME) Vanceboro (this is located above the dam and requires a portage to access the river), Loon Bay
Backcountry campsites include:
(NB) English Cove, American Cove, Halls Brook, Little Falls, Duck Point, Tyler Rips, Scott Brook, Rocky Point, Gravel Island, Brown's Corner, Loon Bay, Canoose Rips, Dog Island

Enjoying the St. Croix River  (B. Richardson photo)     
(ME) Wingdam Island, Porter Meadow, Tunnel Rips, Halls Brook, Little Falls, Baby's Grave, Scott Brook, Split Rock, Loon Bay, Annapurna, Skutik
The sites at Scott Brook and Gravel Island, NB are provincial campsites with fees.  You can view a map of each of the campgrounds below. Please see our Reservations section for more information.

Scott Brook
Scott Brook campsite map

Gravel Island
Gravel Island campsite map