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Times of Transition

posted Aug 25, 2015, 5:29 PM by G-Suite Manager

In order to enhance the waterway, preserve its beauty and heritage, and enrich the camping experience for everyone, a number of new policies were adopted by the Commission in 2015.  We’ve approved a lottery system for seasonal sites, established maximum stays for our non-seasonal sites, and instituted a “Leave no Trace” policy for all sites along the lakes and waterway. 

We understand that for many of you who have been enjoying the river and campgrounds for many seasons, the transition to the new policies may be difficult.  What we’re hoping, however, is that together we can adapt our behaviours and activities and encourage everyone who enjoys the St. Croix River waterways to work together to restore and preserve its natural splendour.

Our campsites along the waterway are designated as “wilderness” sites and as such they are meant to provide an atmosphere of tranquility, safety and confidence.  Enjoy the river, but please respect it and respect our policies.