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St. Stephen, McAdam Community Action Groups working to revitalize their communities

posted Nov 14, 2013, 10:29 AM by G-Suite Manager   [ updated Nov 14, 2013, 10:30 AM ]
St. Stephen and McAdam, get ready for change!

Two hardworking groups of citizens, inspired by the Rural Redefined movement, are taking steps to improve their communities. Like many places in Atlantic Canada, residents of the St. Croix have been facing challenges - aging residents, disappearing youth headed "west" and less than ideal economic conditions. In McAdam and St. Stephen, however, residents and organizations are determined to turn things around by rolling up their sleeves and getting on with the work themselves. 

I'm Abby Pond, and I'm the Executive Director of the St. Croix International Waterway Commission. The SCIWC exists to ensure the St. Croix remains a beautiful, wonderful place to live, work and play. One of the goals of our management plan is to identify and nurture new avenues for recreational and economic development, compatible with the Waterway's natural and cultural values.  We also have a responsibility to ensure that demands on our land and water resources are balanced, with the long-term health of both the land and its people in mind. 

That's one of the many reasons why I've been participating in the Rural Redefined process. The river is a keystone of the identity of our communities-the original highway, gateway to the world, economic engine, source of inspiration, food, livelihood and entertainment. 

The key to successfully reawakening our towns lies within each and every one of us. It requires a fundamental attitude shift from "we can't because..." or "someone should" to "I will!" When we wait for someone else to get something done, whether it is an individual, a government, or otherwise, we become passive bystanders. Most likely, if we don't step up to do it, it will not get done. 

We are stepping up. We are saying that we want to help make our communities better. As a resident of the St. Croix, I am committing to help. The St. Croix International Waterway Commission is also here with the resources, knowledge, and expertise. 

If you'd like to ask a question, learn more about what's going on, or pitch in and help, visit: