Get out and enjoy the St. Croix for Heritage Rivers Day!

posted May 30, 2014, 11:10 AM by G-Suite Manager   [ updated Jan 11, 2019, 8:50 AM ]

Since 2002, the second Sunday in June has been recognized in Canada as Canadian Rivers Day. It is an opportunity for us to recognize the integral role rivers have played in our lives.

Our rivers are North America’s original highways. They are life-giving sources of water and food. They are our playgrounds, our homes, and our livelihoods. They provide shelter. The St. Croix River, New Brunswick’s first Canadian Heritage River, is all of these things.

To celebrate our river, the St. Croix International Waterway Commission would like to ask you to get out and enjoy the St. Croix on the 7th and 8th of June.

On Saturday, June 7th, from 7:30am to 10am, SCIWC staff and volunteers will have free snacks and morning drinks for paddlers and river lovers at the boat launch in St. Croix, NB. We will be on hand with information about our activities and projects, and our recreation maps for purchase.  

We will also be handing out garbage bags to anyone who would like to help clean up litter and garbage along the shores of the St. Croix. These can be picked up the morning of the 7th at the St. Croix boat launch, or from our offices in St. Croix and St. Stephen the week before.

You don’t need to paddle the river to participate, or even be in Canada! If you would like to clean up a spot of shoreline, we and the river will appreciate it! Let’s make the St. Croix spotless, from Fosterville to Passamaquoddy Bay. Let us know on our Facebook page, and take a picture of your efforts. You could win a prize for the most garbage collected, largest item collected, or the oddest piece of garbage found. To win, you need to post a picture of your find on our Facebook page! The winners will be selected from the pictures that are posted, so be sure to take pictures of your day and your finds.

The goal of Canadian Rivers Day is to get out and enjoy your local river – in a boat, walking on its shores, bird watching, cycling, fishing, or whatever your favourite, minimal impact activity may be. Please join us in celebrating the wonderful St. Croix River on June 7 and 8, and share your experiences with us!  We invite both Canadians and Americans to participate, but please remember to stay on the shore of the country in which you began.

If you aren’t able to get out on the 7 and 8, not to worry – join us in September for International Rivers Day!