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At our office in St. Stephen we maintain a library covering topics within our mandate. Feel free to stop by and browse, or get in touch with us if you are looking for specific information. This section is currently under construction; please bear with us!

The SCIWC publishes reports and papers on a regular basis. To learn more, visit our Publications section.

The SCIWC has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge, resources, and materials. In this section, we have included links to relevant sites, provided access to data, documentation and reports, listed by category. 

Culture and History

 Saint Croix Island International Historic Site     US - National Park Service  and  Canadian Parks Service
 St. Croix International Waterway Management Plan  
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Wabanaki Cultural Center     Calais, ME 207-454-2126

Alewives and anadromous fish
The SCIWC has collected a number of historical documents regarding alewives and other anadromous fish in the St. Croix River system. These documents are posted for public information; the SCIWC remains neutral on the ongoing dispute to re-open the St. Croix to alewives. There are numerous online resources providing information on alewives; those provided here are ones not readily available elsewhere. Additional documents, books and resources are available from our library.

 Cronin, P., Lennon, R., Gregory, R., Courtemanch, D., McCabe, G. 1976. St. Croix River Biological Surveys 1974-1976. University of Maine, Migratory Fish Research Institute, and Maine Department of Environmental Protection.coming soon
 McCabe, G.T. 1976. An intensive survey of fish populations in the St. Croix River between Vanceboro and Woodland, Maine. University of Maine Migratory Fish Research Institute, Orono, Maine.   coming soon
 Marshall, T.L. 1976. Historical Perspectives of Resource Development Branch Activities in Restoring Anadromous Fishes to the St. Croix River, New Brunswick-Maine. Freshwater and Anadromous Division, Fisheries and Marine Service, Department of Fisheries and the Environment, Halifax, NS, Canada. download PDF
 Anonymous. 1977. Review of the Potential for Restoring Anadromous Fish Stocks to the St. Croix River. Freshwater and Anadromous Division, Fisheries and Marine Service, Department of Fisheries and the Environment, Halifax, NS, Canada. coming soon
 Cronin, P.J. 1985. Effects of Water Level Drawdowns on Resident Sport Fish in Spednic Lake, NB. New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources.    download PDF
 Beland, K.F. et. al. 1988. St. Croix River 1988 Fisheries Progress Report: A report to the St. Croix River Steering Committee from the biological sub-committee.   download PDF
 Seymour, P.D. and Collet, K.A. 1994. Angler Survey Spednic Lake 1993. From Fish Habitat Improvement Projects 1993. New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources and Energy.   download PDF
 Anonymous, 1993. Five-year (1993-1997) Operational Plan for the Development and Management of the Diadromous Fishes of the St. Croix River. Prepared by Diadromous Fisheries Steering Committee for the St. Croix River.   coming soon
 Smith, M.R. 1997. East Grand Lake Lake Trout Spawning Study. Maine Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Division of Fisheries and Hatcheries.   download PDF
 Smith, M.R. 1998. Status of the Smallmouth Bass Population in Spednic Lake, Maine, USA and New Brunswick, Canada. Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.   coming soon
 Willis, T. 2005. Data Report: Analysis of existing smallmouth bass data for selected lower St. Croix and other Maine waters, with and without anadromous alewives: 1990-2004  download PDF
 Watts, D. 2005. Historic Documents Related to the Anadromous Fisheries of the St. Croix River, Maine and Canada.   download PDF
 Flagg, L. 2007. Historical and Current Distribution and Abundance of the Anadromous Alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus) in the St. Croix River. A Report to the State of Maine Atlantic Salmon Commission.   download PDF

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